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A business Loan is a loan for businesses without security with minimum paperwork, whereas nowadays, business loans apply online through our systems. This loan will be given explicitly for business expansion & other purposes. This loan will help businesses take the step for small things done quickly, which will be very helpful for running or expanding it. Fund will resolve the company’s purchasing power, which may delay things needed for consumer betterment and necessity. It also gives back up and strongness to firm capital where the lender can take the excellent step to increase daily. Financially all types of companies are most dependent on this finance model to overcome essential things demand coming to their firms from time to time. Usually, the financial institution also earns massive interest in this loan segment, with all types of financial checking needed.

Get Business Loan in West Bengal.

CreditCares Helps Clients to get business loan in Kolkata, Howrah, Hoogly, North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas and More in West Bengal.

Desired property document of client shoud be clear with legal formalities when it is checked by legal person of insitution

business loan agency in kolkata

Business Loan Features

  1. Business loans consist of specific features belowThe main feature in this loan segment is funding done by the institution to those who are doing business which can be any type of firm and can be any scale of business, small, medium, big, or very big.
    • Finance amounts are different from very small amounts to amounts done by the financial institution.
    • The purpose of the loan may differ from one another as it can need according to business requirements.
    • Types of business loans include payday per interest, EMI-based loans, weekly-based loans, etc. Is there a different section founded at the times of finance

    It is very quickly applicable digitally nowadays, and a fast process as the applicant can apply through our system where you can get your details fastest them others.

Loan Eligibility

In this loan section, specific eligibility is required to qualify below:

  • Running a business is needed, which may be online or offline terms Transaction.
  • Of debit and credit, the amount should be seen in a good number.
  • The establishment certificate is mandatory to be registered by the government department, and updating is also needed to be done by the company every year.
  • Business categories should be positive in every manner according to financial institution policy.
  • The institution will look turnover of business at the time of application.
  • A credit score is one of the most crucial factors for sanctioning loans in this segment.

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    • A recent photograph of the applicant should be a clear image in the loan applicationSimple Documentation is based on this type of loan division
    •  PAN Card Indicates photo proof/ signature proof / Name Proof etc. things on it Aadhar card.
    • Shows address proof/age proof/father proof, etc., on those documents.
    • The income Tax return is needed for financial income documents for all types of people in business.
    • Business proof like Trade license, Professional tax, MOA, etc., are required to know about the establishment of a business.
    • A bank Statement of a company or individual is also necessary for knowing the financial position of every business.
    • The lender may ask for ownership proof /Rent agreement/ Electric bill at the time of loan application.
    • Other documents are required in case of different company types like Partnership or Pvt ltd so you can ask us our concern.


How to Apply for a Business Loan?

Lots of Banks are providing Business loan in Kolkata, West Bengal. Consult with CREDITCARES Agency for your Business Loan

Step1: You can apply for a business loan through online or offline channels. A number of lenders, today, give prospective customers the option of directly applying for a business loan through their official websites. To apply for a business loan online, you will need to visit the lender’s respective website, click on the loan product that you wish to apply for, and click on ‘Apply Now’.

Step2: Upon doing so, you will be redirected to another webpage, wherein you will be required to key in certain details into an online application form. You may be asked to enter your name, age, contact number, city of residence, details about your business, etc.

Step3: Once you key in the required information, you can click on ‘Submit’ to submit the online application form. A representative from the bank/financial institution will contact you to take the loan application process forward.

Step4: You can also choose to visit the nearest branch of a bank or financial institution and directly apply for a loan through the branch. In this case, you will need to submit the loan application form along with the required supporting documents at the branch.

Step5: Once the lender verifies your loan application and documents, your application will be approved, after which the loan amount will be disbursed into your account.

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Frequenty asked Questions & Answer

  • No security or collateral is required in order to avail a business loan, in most cases, though a thorough evaluation of your documents would be needed to confirm that. If you are required to submit security or collateral, you can check the lender’s terms and conditions to know what is generally accepted.
  • Yes, business loans are offered to all practising professionals, subject to proof of qualification being documented.

No, you will not be asked for any personal information while calculating your expected EMI. The EMI calculator only requires the loan amount that you intend to apply for, the tenure of the loan, and the rate of interest.

You can apply for a business loan for any of the following or related purposes-

  • Small business finance
  • Working Capital finance
  • Home renovation
  • Business expansion finance

Business loans usually are offered speedy approvals and most banks offer applicants with the convenience of business loan eligibility in 1 minute. This facility can be availed online or any of the bank’s branches.

Business loan is loan which is given business person to fulfil their business needs in a short term of period. Like business need raw material purchase, work order deposit, new client acquisition and many more.

As there are a short-term requirement of fund means working capital to meet urgent need of business. The period of loan will be depended between businessman and financial institution.

As business loan are short period of loan, so basically few main documents are needed by financial institution like pan card, Aadhar card, income tax all document, trade license, bank statement etc. There is more document may be required by the financial company policy.

Rate of interest will be totally depended upon both financial institution and businessman documents. It will be varied from financial company to company and client documentation may also play a role in deciding a rate of interest.

Business loan are paid in EMI basis where EMI mean equated monthly instalment. At every month EMI will be deducted with your account which is given by client at the time of loan.

You can calculate your business loan installment very easily with our company calculator. Link is given here –    https://www.Creditcares.In

Business loan tenure will be totally deciding by the financial company and their policies. But business loan tenure is informed at the time of the loan by the company and foreclose can be done by RBI guideline. So, check loan tenure at the time of loan sanction.

For paying business loan before loan tenure, it will be mentioned on a sanction letter of loan. RBI guideline are also there for closing of loan before time.

Business loan will be only given by types of financial institution who are taken permission by reserve bank of India for lending money like banks, NBFC etc. They have to follow RBI guideline to lend money with all rules and regulation.

As collateral based loan is given by mortgaging collateral and business loan are giving only few documents where no collateral is used that why rate is different.

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