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As it is a working capital loan where the customer gets a specified limit as a loan in which he can draw money according to his business need. Interest is also charged day to day money will be taken by the client. For example, if someone has a limit of 10 lakh and he has taken 1 lakh from the bank and repaid 1 lakh in 30 days, then he has to pay only 30 days’ interest with the principal amount. It solves cash crunch situations of business like salary payments, labor payments, business payments, and many more things.

Cash credit loan will be considered as a loan that may be given in the form of collateral or without collateral. Financial institutions may hypothecate his stock, property, investment, fixed deposit etc. In the form of collateral. But without collegiate also, you can get on the basis of paperwork or bank transaction.

Key Points

Cash credit loan agency – Creditcares focus on avobe things for our valuable customer

⦁ Interest is to be paid only on the outstanding balance
⦁ Low rate of Interest.
⦁ Security required as per Banks Prescribed norms.
⦁ Other conditions in line with working capital finance points.

Get the services with proper documentation.

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Cash Credit Loan Agency Features:

In West Bengla – Kolkata, Howrah, North and South Parganas We provide Best Loan Services with low interest rate. Our Cash Credit Loan Features described below.

1. This loan is given to meet the working capital requirements of a business.
2. It is given against a collateral security.
3. Interest is generally charged only on the amount of loan taken by the customer and not on the amount of credit sanctioned.
4. This is a short-term loan with specified monthly/quarterly repayment structure as decided by the lender.
5. The applicant is allowed to withdraw the funds made available to him to meet the day to day working capital requirement by way of a running account.
6. A cheque book is issued in the name of the company and he can withdraw funds as per requirement
7. The applicant has the option to repay the loan as frequently as desired (daily/weekly), or as per the repayment, the structure is drawn by the lender.
8. Even individual applicants can avail this type of facility against their fixed deposits (as a loan) and save on interest.

– Cash credit loan can be availed by businessmen to meet short-term working capital needs.
– It may require borrower to different collateral like property, f.D, lic, bond etc, according to the institution needs.
– Interest is taken on the used amount borrowed by the borrower, not on the limit sanctioned .
– It can fulfil daily needs or urgent requirementdaily needs or urgent requirements can be fulfilled from this facility
– Account is open, and a cheque is issued for the maintenance of the transaction .
– Borrower has the option to repay daily, monthly, or repayment structure given by lenders.

Loan Eligibility

  • Business vintage proof should be more than 3 years needed.
  • Business turnover should be also asked with a huge amount.
  • To meet financial eligibility.
  • Age should play a role in this type of loan.
  • If collateral is asked for a loan, then a mortgage is also mandatory.

CIBIL scores in good condition are checked by the client for this loan

Minimum Income

⦁ In case of individuals, minimum income to be of 2.5 lakhs as per ITR for last 2 years
In case of non-individuals, minimum cash profit should be Rs 3 lakhs for last 2 year


  • Personal document like PAN Card, Aadhar card, Voter-id card etc are submitted.
  • Business proof like trade license, professional tax etc are asked to filed.
  • Income tax with all financial paperwork of few years will be needed.
  • Bank statement of individual or company may be given.
  • Collateral document are also taken for loan.
  • Ownership paper may be asked by the financier.
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