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DEBT Syndication

Debt syndication simply means when a client is running many loans from different financial company but want to be arranged all loans into a single loan. Syndication of loan help clients

Immense pressure into a simple understanding about knowing of liabilities is a easy process. Big companies are mainly dedicated consumers in this type of facility where huge amounts of funding are initiated.

Debt syndication is also done by a single financier by giving a big amount of lending to a single company where other financiers also bear a risk of funding. Financial institutions are also a part of debt syndication where fortune companies are in need of expansion of their company’s branch. It solves their issues very smoothly due to the company financial solidity, and financial companies can come together for their funding.

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DEBT Syndication Feature

  • Financiers who are involved in this loan take risk only applied portion of the loan.
  • Big amounts of loans are targeted to be funded by a single or much financial company.
  • Many loans of clients are also converted into a single loan due to client solution.
  • Corporate and fortune companies are mainly targeted in this loan.
  • The time span is more compared to other loans due to the collaboration of financier or financial understanding.
  • Huge paperwork is also taken by the company for complete assessment.

Loan Eligibility


  • Company turnover is to be huge in number in accounting.
  • Financial documentation is to be mounted properly by teams of professionals.
  • The banking of a company should be always shown in a sound manner.
  • Banking loans are to be paid on time with no delay or any types of charges pending.
  • All types of certification may be asked for by the financier.


  • Audited financial documentation of last year to be required.
  • All company paperwork like business proof is to detailed submitted.
  • Company all certifications are too asked by the financier.
  • PAN Card and Aadhar card of company people are also needed.
  • Project reported or projected financial may be taken by the financier.
  • All loan documents are given to the financier.
  • Previous work order is also asked according to financier requirement.
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