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Lease Rental Discounting

Lrd means lease rental discounting which is a process to get loan from financial institution against your rental income which will be coming from own property .That property may be related to corporate , company or individual where you rental income are crediting to your account monthly .Financier will give loan against your rent receivable which will be mentioned in agreement document and take property as collateral for funding .Now rental income directly come to financier account instead of customer account in this process of loan

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Lease Rental Discounting Feature

  • Emi based loan for longer period with interest rate depeond upon financier.
  • Rental income should be coming regularly to your account from renter.
  • It should be rented with proper documenation and legally sound agreement.
  • Rental income part are taken into loan consideration into emi according to the terms and condition of financial institution.
  • Property will taken in this loan as collateral by financier.
  • Age of applicant will be calculated for this process of loan.

Loan Eligibility


  • Rental income are taken as a income for assesment of loan.
  • There should be proper registered agreement are to checked by legal teams.
  • Bank account of borrower are throughly checked for regular rental receipt.
  • Rental income should be in good amount for getting loans.
  • All property paper are to be for avialabling this type of finance.


  • Proof of identity like pan card / voter id card / aadhar card etc. Are required.
  • Proof of address like passport /aadhar card / driving licence etc are needed.
  • Valid & registered leased agreement will be asked to submitted.
  • Rental credited accounted is required for few months according to financier.
  • Income tax return is needed for assessment Photograph.
  • Property documentation will be taken as per policy of loan.
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