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This loan attracts most of the client who describes it as an interest Saving facility of loan. Basically, an overdraft loan is a instrument or facility which can be taken against any collateral like Property, Jewelry, Bond, lic etc many more. In this term process is a little different from others as in this loan, an account is created by the lender where you can withdraw money as per your needs. But you have only to pay interest on the number of days you have used that money and till date when you will deposit or reverse the withdrawal amount back to opened account security will be only allowed for this loan section as per policy of the company or allowed in their terms. Nowadays s unsecured overdrafts are also given by a few institutions by not opening accounts in the bank but opening digital apps on mobile.

Overdraft facility is a financial facility or instrument that enables you to withdraw money from your bank account (savings or current), even if you do not have any account balance.. Like any other credit facility, the bank levies an interest rate when you avail the overdraft facility. You typically have to pay a fixed interest rate to avail an overdraft limit.

⦁ Overdrafts against your house or property
⦁ Overdrafts against your fixed deposits
⦁ Overdrafts against your life insurance policy
⦁ Overdrafts against your equity holdings
⦁ Overdrafts against your salary

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Few aspects are there detailed in below clearly:

  • Collateral based loan is mainly given, but in some places, unsecured loan can be applied for nowadays.
  • Accounts are physically opened in the borrower’s name, where finance amounts are managed everyday.
  • Generally, businessmen are only interested in this section due to the maximum interest-saving scheme.
  • Per day interest is charged according to the loan amount used by the client in this facility account.
  • Till now funds used by the client, there is no interest liability is there but an annual one-time charge may be applicable by the lender.

Loan Eligibility

OD is abbreviation of this facility

    • Credit score credential of the applier is checked first when it is given to the financial institution.
    • A good income document may be preferable for applier to set this loan facility maximumly.
    • Required collateral will be inspect according to the financial authorized person as there is different policies are mentioned with different institution.
    • Collateral is to be mortgaged with the institution before getting funds from the company.
    • Income paperwork may be a part of this loan as desired by the institution.
    • Bank statements will play a vital role in terms of unsecured loans.


Paperwork of this facility with list below:

  • Applier paper like photograph, PAN Card, Aadhar Card etc. Will be taken as personnel docs.
  • Collateral things like as Property, Gold, LIC Agent etc. are taken as a mortagerial.
  • Income tax return may be provide as income docs to the lenders.
  • Business proof like trade license, professional tax, FSSAI certificate, trademark etc. paperwork are needed.
  • Bank statement.

For some months a paper is required according to institution terms.

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