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LAP or Loan against Property is called Property Loan in General is a loan component where you can mortgage your property, whether it is a residential or commercial place, for borrowing funds for your usage. May apply it for the expansion of a business or purchasing of machinery or any personal needs depending upon borrower necessity which should be a valid purpose lending policy. It is a secured lending process where property valuation is done by the financier authorized team, and then according to their guidelines, they will fund the applier. In this loan case good amount of funds are evolved during the process as the company is involved in raising finance for business development. Many financial concerns also encourage this division as collateral are mortgages provided with company financial document.

Desired property document of client shoud be clear with legal formalities when it is checked by legal person of insitution

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Loan Against Property( Property Loan Agency CreditCares ) Key Features

We CreditCares Property Loan Agency prepares the feature list Under this factor, things are in point are:

  • Company finances will also play a vital role in conceiving the whole matter where strong finances are preferred to be a good side.
  • Property is taken by the lender as collateral part of this loan section.
  • Business proof treated as essential paperwork will be marked to be and added to this segment.
  • Applier’s own document mandatory purpose to be submitted for goodwill checking.
  • Full banking credentials are to be measured by lending authority with the nature of businesses done by borrower.

How to enhance Property Loan eligibility?

The eligibility for Property loan can be enhanced by

  • Property paper will be acquired by the institutor in the time of applying period where legal person will evaluate carefully
  • Complete financial paperwork are required in this part which will be defined it availability of funds
  • Bank statement of applier should be given need by the lender policy as they count transaction frequencies
  • Personal government document are to be available at the time of application
  • Business evidence proof as govt. Registered which is taken by giver will be submission done
  • Applicant paperwork are also taken into this loan consideration

Loan Eligibility

Under the area below, things are mentioned:

  • Property paper will be acquired by the institutor at the time of applying period, where a legal person will evaluate carefully.
  • Complete financial paperwork is required in this part, which will define the availability of funds.
  • The bank statement of the applier should be given needed by the lender policy as they count transaction frequencies.
  • Personal government documents are to be available at the time of application.
  • Business evidence proof as govt. Registered, which is taken by the giver, will be submitted done.
  • Applicant paperwork are also taken into this loan consideration

Factors affecting Loan Against Property interest rate

  • Loan Tenure – The repayment tenure determines the interest rate charged by the bank. Shorter the repayment tenure, higher will be the rate of interest charged.
  • Credit Score – You must have a credit score of 700 and above if you wish to avail a loan against property at lower rates of interest.
  • Type of property – The market value and the type of property determines the interest rate charged by the lender.
  • Profile of the applicant – The age, occupation, income, etc. also determines the interest rate charged by the bank.


Required scripts are below raised for you:

  • Personal document: Photo, PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter id card etc. Things are considered according to financial lender policy.
  • Income tax return are taken by company to assessment of eligibility of borrower allocation.
  • Business evidence like trade license, Professional tax, FSSAI certificate, trademark etc. paperwork are watched by the financier people for application.
  • Bank statement is a vital section included to evaluate match with income paper by lender.
  • Property paper like deeds, tax paper, sanction plan etc. many more document asked by them according to property nature and place geographically situated.
  • Co-applicant.

Docs like Photo, PAN Card, and Aadhar card are also taken with applier.

Frequenty asked Questions & Answer

Property Loan Agency – Creditcares FAQ

If you need high-value financing for a business or personal reason, a loan against property from Credit Cares is one of the most suitable
financing solutions. The financial instrument’s suitability is not only because of the high-value funds one can avail of but also because of the
option of flexible repayment tenors ranging up to 20 years.

How to select the right tenor

* Analyse your current financial obligations
+ Review the apparent monthly budget
+ Evaluate financial prospects.

Note that the longer the loan against property tenor, the higher will be the EMIs and the total interest payable.

Loan against property remains a popular option among borrowers for several reasons. Two of the key reasons are availability of funds on an

urgent basis and more importantly, the freedom to use the funds as you deem fit. In other words, the loan amount in this financing option is free

of end-use restrictions.



  • Healthcare and medical issues
  • Higher education
  • Wedding


+ Down payment of a high-value purchase, etc.



  • Business trip overseas
  • Business expansion
  • Stock inventory
  • Marketing and promotion, etc.

With Credit Cares, borrowers enjoy various loan against property benefits, such as longer tenor, minimal documentation, and balance transfer

facility, among others. Read on to know how to use a Loan Against Property and utilize the funds strategically to meet all your requirements.

Apply for a higher amount easily with any of these co-applicants –



* Spouse

Either of the parents

* Parents and unmarried daughters


‘These are the individuals who can be a co-applicant for Loan against Property. Ensure to check the eligibility criteria needed and apply for

amounts up to Rs. 5 crore with Credit Cares.

Another name of Loan Against Property or commonly called as Mortgage Loan which is widely search by people for this type of loan.

Loan Against Property mean loan which is given by financial company by taking collateral for this loan. They take property as a collateral for this loan where term and condition are there to understand for client.

Loan Against Property (Mortgage Loan) are usually preferred by client due to flexibility of Loan Amount, Tenure and Rate of Interest. These Features Attract client to apply for this loan.

The Basic document will be Income Paperwork of the client and property document. As Per financial   Company document will asked to submit for application. Property Document will be mandatory for this loan application with asked paperwork

There are many types of properties which may be categories into these types – Residential, Commercial and industrial. You can understand with its name like Residential types   Flat, building, house etc., Commercial types like Shop, Office, Warehouse, Industrial like factory, industry, mill etc are may be taken according to financial Company Policy.

Client who is borrowing this loan can be used as per his need like New Property Purchase, Business Expansion, Debt Consolidation, Machinery Purchase, New Investment Etc. may be the purpose for this Loan

Tenure will be maximum in this loan but there are certain policies at the time of sanction of loan. Financial institution Credit will be decided loan amount tenure in case to case of client.

It will be always depended on Financial Company but Maximum Company will take charges for the property legal and technical of property. It means financial company will check all property documents very carefully with their legal person to validate property  for this loan.

There would be provision for repaying loan before the tenure as per Company Policy. Client can repay as per sanction condition given by the company condition.

Client can foreclose his loan when he wants to repay his full loan amount with all company outstanding. He can apply to foreclose his loan to borrowing financial company and then he will get details of total outstanding. Client will repay his all-outstanding amount and then close his loan.

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