Project Loan

This word explains that this is a project-based loan where the company can get funds with their project report as corporate want funds to set up new or old businesses where costs are summarized for purchasing assets, raw materials, labor payment etc. Things

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Equipment Loan

This loan indicates a wide variety of purchasing machinery through borrowing systems. It helps all types of business, which may be very big or very small, as machine are require to raw materials into a finished product.

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Overdraft Loan

Overdraft facility is a financial facility or instrument that enables you to withdraw money from your bank account (savings or current), even if you do not have any account balance

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Cash Credit Loan

CC is granted by way of a running account, drawings to be regulated within the drawing limit permissible which is arrived at on the basis of composition of current assets

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Vehicle Loan

There are two divison of loan segement are there one is car loan and second is commercial vehicle loan

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DEBT Syndication

Debt syndication simple means when a client is running many loan from different financial company but want to be arranged all loans into a single loan

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Lease Rental Discounting

Lrd means lease rental discounting which is a process to get loan from financial institution against your rental income which will be coming from own property

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Personal Loan

Personal loan is one of the fast unsecured loan with can be used for wide plenty of purpose like medical things , vacantal event , consumer product etc

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